The Garden House – Poland

“From The Garden House” is an unusual project. The owner had established the garden in advanced prior to engaging KWK Promes architects. Something that at first seemed to be a ridiculous to the architects, but once it was explained, it became absolutely logical. The client wanted to be able to enjoy the garden to its full extent immediately after the completion of construction and moving in.
The nature lover turned idle land into a beautiful green oasis with a lake and a driveway/road to the plot where the house was to be located. The curves, which he enjoyed moving around on, inspired KWK Promes.
The rounded forms clearly separates the driveway from the rest of the garden, providing the residents with intimacy and silence. The ground floor is contrasted with the white minimalist body of the floor. Two different geometries clash and a softly cut atrium is a link between both floors. The garden surrounding the house from almost all sides flows into its interior through the semi-atrium at ground floor level. The studio had only a minimal influence on the garden, so they treated it as a natural element that could not be altered.
The client whom is an art collector, requested space to display his collections, so on the ground floor and the first floor, the studio created additional, large-size spaces designed exclusively for art exhibitions.

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