Home for a purveyor of furniture

The Polyphonic Apartment has been created for a purveyor of furniture. Italy was a favourite stopping ground for the Indian based client. The client asked OpenIdeas to create an environment that could serve as a showcase for the different brands he was associated with in a setting with distinct western sensibilities.
While the fundamental objective was to present a curated mix of International brands, the studio wanted something more out of the box. Treating it like mere display than a traditional home, their aim was to create a narrative that would be characterful and memorable.
The desire to deliver something beyond the brief for this young family of four was instrumental in shaping the project. But before that, the studio had to decide how to integrate brands. The shell is rendered in pale, gentle shades, with the drama being enacted by the furniture and furnishings through bold forms and tactile textures. Art contributes to the theatrical effect — large canvases propped against the wall act as striking backdrops. The drama is mellowed in the private spaces, which are articulations tailored to individual preferences.

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