Black Point Residence – Canada

This expansive residence was designed for a retired couple looking for a summer home where their extended family could all gather and spend time together. Located in the harsh climate of the Northumberland Strait in Black Point, Nova Scotia, designed by Peter Braithwaite Studio, the architectural design pushes the limit of maritime vernacular seaside fishing and boat sheds.
The building’s form is comprised of three geometric volumes which relate to programmatic function. One gable structure is dedicated to shared living spaces, and the second to sleeping and bathing. The third volume skewers the two structures, creating indoor and outdoor connections between them.
The building’s interior puts its structure on display with exposed steel portal frames and rough-sawn rafters. The interior materiality accentuates the building’s volume by finishing the interior of the skewer with white-washed wood paneling, similar to how the skewer is uniquely clad with Corten steel paneling on the exterior.
To accommodate large family gatherings, the home includes an extra-large kitchen and dining table, a variety of seating areas, and multiple spaces dedicated to their grandchildren. A fireplace anchors the building’s social space within a dramatic cantilever. Furthering this concept, an outdoor fireplace acts as a secondary social anchor. The site’s landscaping is graded to create expansive walk-outs for the basement and main floor, creating secondary outdoor entertainment spaces and connecting the interior and exterior.

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