The Concrete House – UK

The Concrete House by Raw Architecture Workshop exposes the soft side of the concrete monolith, guiding viewers through an open family home full of natural light, mid-century furniture, art, and lush indoor greenery.
Located in Lewes, county town of East Sussex in the United Kingdom, the raw surfaces of concrete walls, steel industrial fittings, leather antiques, and personal treasures change in colour and contrast depending on light levels, adding depth and texture to their surroundings.
Concrete House is the first building in the world to be built of advanced Fibre Reinforced Concrete, a durable anti-cracking material developed by Cemex and tested for thermal and structural properties by the University of Zurich.
The concrete’s fibre composition means it does not require reinforced steel bars to strengthen or hold the structure, making it the first concrete building in the world to be built without rebars in the walls.
Concrete House was designed for Adrian and Megan Corrigall and their young family. A lover of concrete since his youth spent skating around Glasgow car parks, Adrian was also influenced by brutalist icons such as the Barbican, the National Theatre, and architect Louis Khan’s use of light to draw occupants through spaces.

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