Iron Cove House – Sydney

Iron Cove House is located in a conservation area, in Sydney , Australia. Modifications to the street elevation are subtle, preserving the neighbourhood character as well as the appealing qualities of the old building. Designed by Luke Moloney Architecture whom employ traditional building design techniques coupled with the skilful use and understanding of traditional materials and details have applied an elegant colour palette and careful restoration of original timber detailing to the verandah form part of a ‘just enough’ approach to the work.
A new living/dining/kitchen space replaces ramshackle additions to the rear of the two houses, making a single, airy space connected on three sides to the large garden.
Central to design thinking was the creation of a place that would accommodate the large extended family and many friends of the owners. The house flows out to the garden, where a new pool and covered spaces promise many long afternoons of indoor/outdoor entertainment.

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