Bloom Adelaide

Bloom is a cafe and function space located near the river banks of the Karrawirra Parri / River Torrens in the Adelaide suburb of Thebarton. Tucked in behind the old West End Brewery, the space is layered, full of light and embraces its natural surrounds. Though the client took on a 10-year lease, Sans-Arc Studio wanted to leave the envelope of the building in good shape for future occupants and emphasise the quality and character of the building. The design studio created the identity and feeling of the space through the fit-out elements but creating a beautiful shell that can be embraced by future tenants. In a world of venues being demolished and re-fit regularly, the design team dream of coming into spaces where their process is simplified by the existing building, a beautiful envelope, where a few simple moves inside create a space perfect for the offering.
Working inside old buildings requires considered design, a relatively large venue, Bloom required clever use of the limited budget to create design impact. Their idea was to apply simple, and robust materials the to existing building, and focus our budget and energy on the joinery elements and layers within the space.
Circulation paths along the east and west boundary walls allow the envelope to breathe, emphasising the long, gabled volume of space. The joinery elements within the space create layering that is dynamic yet comfortable, subtle curves contrast strong lines creating tucked away, intimate and convivial seating arrangements. The excellence in this design resides in its balance of a pragmatism and sculpture. A hyper-functional layout the uses subtle texture and contrasting forms to create a unique and convivial space. The materials are robust and will patina in a way that improves and adds character to the space over time.

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