Meet the new Grande Max

We’ve all heard the saying, “Italians do it better,” which rings true when it comes to Italian made Porcelain slab/tiles. The new Grande Max range is made from porcelain which is formed from a combination of clay, kaolin, feldspar, silica and quartz. Occasionally mixed with other fusible materials to give different visual effects. Together they form a body of white clay. This is then fired at extremely high temperatures. The porcelain is then customarily glazed to achieve the desired surface effect, to mimic marble, concrete and stone.
The result is an extraordinarily durable material which is resistant to frost, chemical damage, abrasion and almost totally impervious to water.

When considering buying or specifying a porcelain slab product, it’s important to first understand the key benefits to the material. Highly durable: Porcelain slabs are very resistant to wear and tear and lasts much better over time. This is largely because porcelain is a very dense material and tends to be much harder than other building substances. This makes them a great option for heavy traffic areas, particularly in commercial spaces or high traffic family homes.

Low maintenance: Traditional building materials, particularly for flooring can be time consuming and expensive to maintain. Porcelain, however, is quick and easy. As a ready formed impervious product, it doesn’t need sealing as many tile forms do. Their durability also means they can be cleaned simply using water and mops or brushes, without risking damage.Moisture resistant: Porcelain’s key strength is its almost total resistance to moisture of all kinds. This makes it particularly adept out of doors as there’s no chance of freeze-thawing which can cause tiles to crack.

Skheme’s Grande Max ranges feature a vast range of marble, stone, concrete, and metal inspired slabs.
Grand Max is available in both 6mm and 12mm thickness. The 6mm is ideal for both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces including facades for both indoor and outdoor and the 12mm ideal for bench tops, cladding and furniture.

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