Blending in – Brazil

Located on Guaecá Beach, on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil, the Patropi House was designed to be an AirBnB rental. With no precisely defined customer, the design team at Casa Patropi became more daring in their approach to colours and finishes, whilst trying to cater to all tastes in order to be easy to rent out.
Casa Patropi wanted the house to respect its surrounding landscape rich in nature . Despite its contemporary and striking volume, the choice of materials and colours, blue and green, allowed for the house to be delicate and sit comfortably without distracting from its setting. Blue and green can be found throughout the house in various materials and shapes, blending with the Brazilian and tropical decor. Charming, practical, economical and flexible.
As it is a house to be rented through Airbnb, the house needed to be editorial so it stands out on the website, while also being functional and comfortable. One of the biggest challenges for this project was to give it flair, without defining a customer: the house should call attention on the rental websites, while also catering to all tastes. Furthermore, the studio hoped to allow nature to be the protagonist and for the house not to compete with it.

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