A harmonious alliance

Echoing the grandeur of the Teton Mountain Range whilst seamlessly inhabiting the adjacent grassland, the Wyoming Residence designed by Abramson Architects, exhibits a conscientious marriage of form and material. The property’s zoning restrictions were artfully managed with careful assimilation into the natural landscape. The result is an inspired expression of fluid yet layered space that collaborates with the surrounding beauty.
The driveway entrance introduces the stately side of the home, displaying clean lines made of concrete and Cor-Ten steel. These materials better with age and are utilized throughout to provide a maintenance-free environment the homeowner desired. The cantilevered structure wraps around to reveal a comparatively more modest side that bows to the mountains and floats on the meadow.
Once inside, natural light serves as an important material layered amongst its solid counterparts. Floor-to-ceiling windows unveil a view of the stunning exterior scenery. The living area is voluminous yet intimate. A built-in seating nook maintains a direct view of the mountains, unobstructed by a low profile fireplace. The minimal kitchen design is apportioned with tri-colored cabinets and a clever opening that overlooks a gallery.
The client possessed a collection of art to be placed in the home, which was meticulously considered in the design process. Drywall was used exclusively and deliberately to hang the artwork to each piece’s necessary measurement. An art gallery was designed with low windows to allow natural light to permeate while protecting the sensitive art from harmful direct sunlight. It is these careful details that, in combination with the striking lineation of the home, create a harmonious alliance of function and design.

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