A breathtaking Scottish cottage

Cornival is the renovation and extension of a traditional Scottish cottage and byre, in the Aberdeenshire countryside. Re imagined by Brown & Brown Architects, the brief was to create a home for a growing young family, recently returned to the UK after working abroad, and who fell in love with the site and surrounding woodland on their first visit.
The studio’s approach was to create a visually quiet refurb, working with the existing extension structure, stripping it back, before insulating and over- cladding, in order to maximise what could be achieved on budget, and prevent the complete re-build which was initially thought to be required.
With modern elements clad in blackened vertical timber narrow boards, forming a clear language with the traditional stonework of the cottage and byre. To create a sensitive but contemporary renovation and extension of the existing building, while making it more suitable for modern family living, and creating a stronger connection to both the site and the surrounding landscape.

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