Firebird – a sensorial journey

Designed as a sister restaurant to The Commune Group’s celebrated Hanoi Hannah restaurants, the brief for Firebird called for a bold yet approachable space with a hint of nostalgia, ultimately elevating Hanoi Hannah’s narrative to create a new identity. The restaurant was to be differentiated from its forerunners by celebrating the theatre of Vietnamese BBQ grilling, while adding some retro materiality and pop art throwbacks.
Designed by Ewert Leaf, an eclectic mix of finishes, textures, patterns and colours create the warm and inviting Firebird atmosphere. A bar pavilion is inserted along the Eastern edge, finished with burnished tiles and a coloured glass canopy. Brickwork dividers create definition between dining areas, animated with pendant lights and projections, while the activity of the grill is framed by glass louvres; a subtle nod to the streetscapes of Vietnam.
Firebird is the outcome of a multidisciplinary collaboration between food, design and brand. Through cross pollination between various disciplines, innovation can thrive. Firebird offers a unique and dynamic experience that takes patrons on a sensorial journey which meanders through rich layers to reveal the story of the operator and who they are.

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