The gray apartment – Brazil

The gray apartment is the residence of Giuliano Marchiorato and his fiancée Mayara. The concept revolves around the life of the architect, who daily studies different finishes, textures and colours for his projects. The main elements chosen were black and white as the basis of thought, which follows the minimalist identity.
The ebonie wooden floor throughout the apartment forms the basis of the horizontal plane of the look in black, the walls and furniture in its entirety are white, bringing the minimalism and formal rigidity of the light vertical planes.
Art and design could not be missing either, passionate about Brazilian and Curitiba art, the architect collects works by contemporary artists friends in his city. André Mendes in fine arts and photographer Eduardo Macarios with photographs from the series about New York, shot especially for the architect who is a lover of the city and a specific building, the Seagram Building by Mies Van de Rohe, the father of Modernism. The lighting is by Desinger Alberth Diego from Curitiba, Dsgnselo. The arts and lights dress the white walls and ceilings of the apartment.
The furniture is entirely Brazilian, most of the pieces are designed by Giuliano himself. The white metal sideboards, the aspa sofa, the toucan table and the dining table are pieces designed by him for the Latin design studio.
As a young couple with a cosmopolitan life, the apartment is compact but with a feeling of spaciousness, with the full use of the layout, without unnecessary hallways or gables, it is composed of a large social area integrated with living, dining and kitchen, laundry and balcony, enabling the integration not only of the spaces but also of the people who live there and visit it. A master suite and a wild guest bedroom also feature a home office for the couple.
A unique apartment. Black and white, spacious and minimalist. Brazilian without the need to refer to conventions or standards. An apartment without fads to always be short of your time.

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