Designer Rugs unveil their latest collaboration with Hare + Klein

Designer Rugs unveil their latest collaboration with Australian interiors firm Hare + Klein. This third collection from Hare + Klein takes their existing expertise in rug design to a graphic new direction, drawing inspiration from nature and the unique Australian environment. “Whether it is a simple shadow or fallen leaves, there are many elements of inspiration we have drawn upon from the Australian landscape,” says one of the designers Kristie Nixon.
The bold and striking CANOPY was inspired by designer Vic Cybulski lying and looking up at the sky, with the silhouette of canopy against the dusk – capturing this graphic moment in the cool dark serene remnants of the day. SCRIBBLE is Nixon’s interpretation of the natural graffiti of the Scribbly Gum moth – when old bark falls away, their trails and burrows are revealed, exposing their story.
The Hare + Klein team draw on a wide variety of mediums to create translate their inspiration to abstract designs. “There were a variety of techniques employed – some designs originated from hand sketches, some from watercolours, other evolved from detailed and magnified photographs,” says Hare.
While the design direction has a marked difference, this new collection returns to trademark materials and techniques that Hare + Klein are known for. The unique blend of hemp, wool and silk creates a feeling of grounded luxury and evokes a sense of warmth. A traditional abrash technique is also revisited, in which Tibetan wool is hand dyed in small vats to create artisanal, complex variations of colour.
Hare + Klein’s first two collection have become instant classics, gracing the floors of beautiful spaces all over the world, and this third collection is sure to follow suit “Our first two collections were well received and our relationship with Designer Rugs is based on respect and mutual trust – which we value highly.”

Designer Rugs is Australia’s leading rug company, specializing in handmade custom rugs and carpets for residential, commercial and hospitality interiors, and renowned for its commitment to quality, originality and exceptional service. The Designer Rugs Hare & Klein collection is on display at Designer Rugs’ showrooms in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland.

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