Economic, flexible and fast construction

The decision to act upon the property was made with the aim of generating a temporary house that could be developed in stages, economic, flexible, and fast construction. The land is located in the Partido de Pilar, Province of Buenos Aires, within a neighbourhood of farms for residential and productive use, which has a pine plantation in front of the lot.
The project is conceived by Fernando Vignoni from the spatial character defined entirely by its constructive structural system. The system is made up of a series of steel frames that constitute the main and spatial structure of the house, an outer corrugated sheet metal envelope and an inner envelope made of eucalyptus timber planks.
The slope of the roof defines the opening towards the stunning garden views, together with the northeast orientation, protecting itself on the other faces. The house is slightly separated from the ground, minimally intervening the land and respecting its natural slope. The project’s economy resides in its fast and efficient construction system and in the use of local labor, building it in 60 days.

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