A sense of community

CS1 Crestview is a community and recreation space set on a ridge in the rolling hills of Los Angeles, California, designed around landscape, context, and considered construction practices. With panoramic views across the city and to the mountains beyond, the structure is seen from afar as a small folly tucked into a grove of mature oak trees – a plane of wood floating within the trees and anchored by a brick mass to the west. Designed by HA+MA and made around a palette of simple materials – Concrete, Alaskan Cedar, and handmade brick – CS1 is constructed around a series of keyframed views and axis’, allowing circulation of visitors and light while large glass walls slide away, opening the space to both its immediate and distant surroundings. The interior and exterior flow together both spatially and materially as the roof and floor planes sweep through to the landscape beyond. 
Utilising exposed structural members and custom, hidden steel plates and connections, a dramatic yet intimate space is formed from the tight and considered plan. The structure itself provides new utilities and amenities while the striking cantilever offers shade, a place to socialise whist framing the dramatic views across the Southern Californian landscape.

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