Summer holiday house

In the summer holidays, instead of sending their children to life skills training schools, the family returns to the countryside to build a house for their children to play and build friendships with local children in the countryside. The father was born in the countryside of Phu Yen, grew up to study, work and live in the city, and would return to the countryside for every summer vacation and traditional Vietnamese New Year holidays, and also for lock-down for Covid-19.
Phu Yen House was born to serve these needs. The spaces of the bedroom and living room, kitchen and dining room are separated, and linked together by courtyard and green spaces, it helps to make the spaces of the rooms in the house airy and accessible allowing nature to flow, and become a fun spaces for children and their friends.
To save costs Story Architecture opted for large doorways, rather than glass doors once again providing glimpses and connection to all living zones.

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