Guided by the sun

With a privileged view of the ponds and woods of Fazenda Boa Vista, in Porto Feliz, Sao Paulo, in Brazil, the Boa Vista RC house was designed to enjoy the sun all day long. The authorial design of architects Caio Bandeira and Tiago Martins, from Architects+Co, stands out for all the rich reasons.
The façade reveals a wood panel, which is an element that allies aesthetics, allows ventilation and natural light within the leisure based environments, while guaranteeing privacy to these spaces. With organic paging that takes advantage of the wood scraps cut during the manufacturing process, it is also an ecological panel, since it reduces, with design, the waste of material. The L-shaped residence is distributed in two zones : in one zone the leisure and living areas are concentrated. In the more private section, seven bedrooms and a home theater. In the connection between the two volumes, the entrance, kitchen, and service area are easily accessed. In the middle of a contemplative garden, the open fireplace is an invitation to enjoy for the coldest nights with friends around the fire. The triangular swimming pool has been clad covered with batu hijau stones, in a tone that enhances the surrounding landscaping. Next to it, a games room, a bar, and a swing on the terrace are arranged to enjoy the green area eithin the landscape. Accessing the spiral corten steel staircase, there is a belvedere to amplify the view of the horizon. The double bedroom, facing the north lagoon and the rising sun, has a dressing room and bathroom protected by a wooden brise that gives privacy to the spaces.

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