Gibbston Valley Lodge NZ

Gibbston Valley Lodge is new lodge development on Gibbston Valley New Zealand comprising 34 Villas, Spa, Gym and a central lodge building. Gibbston Valley Wines approached Space Studio in early 2018, with a lodge development adjoining their existing winery. They had the outline of 50 or so villas and spa planned around a central lodge facility. The request was to create a boutique luxury experience that would allow them to share more with those who loved their incredible location and biodynamic wines. The development had to appear as a residential expression of the brand, and the guests should feel like privileged invited guests which is clearly achieved.
To deliver on luxury the studio set about re-planning the spaces to prioritise the key functions and site aspect of each interior space. The intent was to create spaces that give the sense that the buildings have always been there. Gibbston Valley Winery produces single vineyard vintages that are a true representation of the terroir and our design focusses on this aspect across the spaces.
Materials co-ordinate closely with the surrounding geography with use of the surrounding materials and colours with a preference towards materials that will all patina over time. The proportions of the detailing borrow from traditional silhouettes and junctions in line with the heritage style of their branding.
Guest experience was the studio’s priority for the design and they wanted to ensure every detail considered how it would be experienced by focusing on creating a ‘worn in’ tactile level of detail.
Edges, junctions and forms had to be soft, gentle and feel familiar and homely. The design team were careful sourcing hardware and products that felt and sounded solid, heavy and strong with a crafted elegance. Most of the furniture we custom designed to ensure we could provide more proportion, comfort and commercial stability that would last. Space Studio also worked closely with local artisans to produce custom handles, furniture, art and objects in key locations, re-enforcing the regional context.

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