Bells Beach – Bones House

Positioned on a hilltop overlooking the iconic Bells Beach Surfing Reserve, located 100 km south-west of Melbourne, the Bones House involved alterations and additions to the existing dilapidated 3 bedroom residence on site. The existing footprint was largely re-used, with components of the original dwelling retained, whilst at the same time, completely re-imagining the building. Re-imagined by Torquay based Lachlan Shepherd Architects, the brief called for a refined home with a highly detailed application of material, but with a comfortable, warm aesthetic.
The response was to utilise an earthy, textural palette to harmonise with the surrounding environs, essentially appearing as though the “re-imagined” building had always been there. The Bones House is perceived as a sculptural element which is carefully planned to integrate seamlessly with its surroundings and respond to its specific coastal environmental conditions.

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