Cliff hanger – Acapulco

Acapulco is one of the first’s ports and shipyard during the colonial era, form where naval expeditions departed to new territories like the Philippines, Baja California or Peru. With this historical background and its nearness to Mexico City, Acapulco became one of the tourist world meccas during the second half of the XX century.
Sea Club Punta Marqués straddles the seafront to the Pacific Ocean, Acapulco Bay and Puerto Marqués.
Designed by 128 arquitectura y diseno urbano + kontrast, the building is located in the convergence of both bays, a cape called Punta Marqués. The gross built area is distributed in three general areas, the restaurant and bar building, the pool terrace area with the sea deck on the lowest level, and the service areas.
The multiple platform distributes the activities with different spatial characteristics; on the access level the juice bar and lounge with a decked terrace, on the first level the dinner restaurant and a roof terrace; on the second level the main terrace bar with swimming pool. The colour of the concrete is similar to the natural stone, and the apposing materials are part of the commitment with the natural setting.
Derived from its location a lighting strategy was addressed to avoid the disturbance of the local ecosystem.
Acapulco like other ports around the Guerrero state have suffered from the violence in the area, however the project attempts to counter balance the situation. The project brief establishes two basic guidelines, the revival of an iconic location within the environmental regulations on the site.

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