Drenched in marigold – Santa Monica

Los Angeles home goods brand, Goodies’, recently opened their newest store in Santa Monica. Goodies tapped architects and long-time collaborators, Sheft Farrace to bring the space to life – the relationship dates back to 2017 when they designed their first pop-up on Los Angeles’ Melrose Place. Following its success, they designed Goodies’ inaugural brick & mortar store in Atwater Village, Los Angeles in 2018 and were brought back again to design the new Santa Monica location. The original pop-up was the first to feature Goodies’ now signature merigold color blocking. The architects knew that because the pop-up was in a room behind an Alfred Coffee, it needed something bold to leak out and draw in customers and that’s where the idea of dousing the entire store in a single colour was born.
The new Santa Monica location features a stunning marigold-drenched interior and a large glass storefront, which functions as the perfect backdrop to their, “Unique Goods, Nothing over $25” products. A large ash island grounds the open merchandising concept, complete with an olive tree hand-picked in the San Fernando Valley. A niche for custom shopping baskets was incorporated into the cabinetry so that customers are invited to experience the space as a high-end ‘dollar store’, browsing & placing pieces into their baskets.
Goodies’ high-quality and high-design ceramics and stoneware are available at prices far superior to traditional home goods boutiques – this concept is what launched their cult-like following in Los Angeles and they eventually began to host ‘merch drops’, similar to brands like Supreme. The lines at these events at their other Los Angeles location can sometimes take 7 hours and create a social media frenzy. Because of this new development since the previous store, it was important for the new location to not only act as a brick & mortar sales outlet, but to also be a social media icon. As such, the architects designed a 20 foot long ash-louvered feature wall with a 7 foot diameter mirror to create a backdrop for fan photography. Goodies is currently working with Sheft Farrace on launching future stores throughout Southern California.

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