Flexible Rosa Apartment

The young couple with their young daughter searched for the right studio to help renovate their new apartment “Rosa Apartment”. The family’s proposal was to modernise the space, the new program would not need the service room, nor one of the original 3 bedrooms, but it should include a suite, a home office space and a more social kitchen.  Therefore, the key point of the project fr CoDA Architects was to transform the living room by adding a part of both, the kitchen and one of the old bedrooms, thus gaining ample and flexible space. In this environment are the functions of living, dining, tv, office and kitchen.
The division of the rooms is demarcated by the columns and concrete beams now exposed during the construction process. To house the voluminous library of the couple, both academics, two fixed structures were proposed: shelves above the office bench and niches under the concrete bench built along the main window.  The result is a room with few fixed elements, which provides flexibility of uses, including the possibility of projecting movies on the white wall, the use in a sitting format without a TV, and the use of dinner for more people. 
The choice made for the materials was both for the aesthetic issue, a search for more natural elements, preferred by the residents, as for the feasibility of the work. The decision then was to limit the number of coverings and enhance those already existing in the space, such as the concrete of the structures, the cobogós on the facade and the hardwood flooring, in Brazilian Peroba Rosa wood, which gives the apartment its name.  

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