Textures House

Located in San Francisco, Argentina is the aptly named Textures House. Designed by Roberto Benito architects, the studio pursues to achieve textural architecture which is reflected throughout this house. The significance given to materiality, represented by the nakedness and honesty of some natural finishes, makes it acquire a great relevance in expressiveness. Volumetrically, it is made up of an opaque perimeter which encloses exposed concrete walls which have been cast in layers giving the appearance of geological strata.
The partition and disintegration of the voids was a premise, to provide the spaces with an interior / exterior continuity according to their use and privacy. Three columns that participate in the large space, some exposed exposed pipes and a smooth cement floor and metal and glass partitions give the main room square proportions, with two transparent faces and two opaque ones to house pieces of art and books.
The private rooms are separated but linked by a common patio featuring landscape that represents the local terrain and native species. In essence the residence is designed for gathering with friends, honoring gastronomy in all forms, but also to promote a peaceful and reflective life.

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