Elizabeth Bay IV – minimalist retreat

Elizabeth Bay IV apartment is the second apartment fit-out Brooke Aitken Design have undertaken in this building in the a harbourside suburb dubbed Libby Bay in eastern Sydney. The client contacted the studio from London after purchasing the property and they worked with her remotely to create a minimalist retreat for her family’s use when visiting Sydney. She had previously visited another apartment the studio had undertaken in the area, and having heard Brooke Aitken Design had renovated a similar apartment above her made them an obvious choice.
The small 80m2 apartment had two small bedrooms, one bathroom, and a small living area. The original kitchen took up much of the view. The design team rearrange the apartment to create two bathrooms and moved the kitchen towards the back to allow for an entirely new door set across the apartment to take in the incredible views of the bay.
The aesthetic brief was prescriptive – their client loved minimalism and had undertaken a number of development projects over the years. Brooke Aitken worked with her to create a calm clean space that focussed on the view and included items that she had envisaged from afar.

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