An abundance of open spaces

Private or public, hidden or visible, classic or modern, local or international? This new luxury apartment designed by k.o.t architects in the heart of a developing Israeli city, is treading on the tension between parallel lines that seemingly never meet, but maintain an intimate, warm and harmonious relationship in one sophisticated space.
Already in the first meeting with the clients, the challenge before the studio was clear: to savor all these worlds together, without giving up the architectural qualities that each selection can bring with it. In fact, they presented the architects with a complex task: creating an abundance of open spaces, illuminated and transparent on the one hand, with storage solutions, separation and concealment on the other hand, existing side by side without evoking an internal contradiction. And if that is not challenging enough, then the external envelope of the apartment – located in a new building – could not be changed.
Following the dialogue with the clients k.o.t architects realised that they should be looking at the apartment not merely as a space that sustains life in it, but as a space that has a life in itself. Thus, a partition system of various materials “breathes” during the day, opens and closes, reveals and conceals, and allows the house to change according to the activity that is taking place in it at that moment. The living area, the kitchen and the dining area, the study and the central bedroom were designed as a single flowing space that combines private and public uses, and does not unequivocally define their boundaries. The interplay between the various partitions gives a sense of infinite horizon and unlimited possibilities, and creates the connection between the apartment and the outside world.

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