Where two worlds meet

AD 23 House was created to receive two families + guests, where they could live together independently. Located facing the sea, in Canela, Chile, this project achieves to highlight the two contiguous worlds: the sea and the dunes. Designed by Apio architects, the south facade, closed and continuous, protects from the wind and surrounds the central space. The origin of its volume is created from the concept of an envelope or shell that contains two separate modules in a common space. This intermediate space is the meeting point and vital nucleus of the house; the common place between two independent areas. It is also the solution to another challenge of the project: the shelter from a continuous wind.
In this patio, the presence of shades and lights are achieved by eucalyptus rods roof with different thicknesses, allowing the perfect filter of sun and heat. The opened corridors, frame different scenes making the landscape appear and reinforce its beauty.
The house has a wooden and cladding structure, with a colour palette that blends with the light and tones of the place. The exterior cladding is Leaf Panel, and the interior is Osmo treated pine. The landscaping, integrates local flora (olive trees, peppers, various varieties of cacti, and other species).

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