The book house – Rio de Janeiro

The concept of the annex is derived from its purpose, to serve as an extension to a house. Located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this annex plays host to a large collection of books. Designed by Siqueira + Azul Arquitetura the architecture design emerges through axes of pathways which are determined by the use of its space, in an expressive floating horizontal plane. 
The studio believes beauty can be found in the fluidity between the interior and exterior. Nature and the environment do not serve strictly as a backdrop but surround the architectural design within. The architects sought to enhance the openings to the outside, the orientation towards the widest view, which allows for a perceptual appreciation of an iconic vision of Rio de Janeiro. The presence of wood on the bookshelves seeks to enhance the horizontal planes and reinforce the library as a prominent element. The general use of compositions made by natural and organic materials aimed to inspire a welcoming environment.

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