Meet OKEI – A high-performance sintered stone

Made in Spain, OKEI is a high-performance sintered stone that is produced using highly advanced ultra-compaction techniques, followed by heat treatment at high temperatures, to produce surfaces that are highly resistant and provide optimum functionality.
OKEI offers a range of versatile slab sizes in various colours. The sizes allow for a seamless surface that is hard-wearing and perfect for large areas, 6mm and 12mm porcelain slabs 900x2700mm, 1200x2700x6mm and 1600x3240x12mm. Available in Rectified edges Matt, Brushed and Satin/Wall and Floor Stone and Marble look slabs. The physical and mechanical properties of OKEI means that surfaces produced from this material can be used for an endless variety of horizontal and decorative applications.
The highly compacted sintered particles produce a surface that is entirely non-porous and available from Skheme Tiles.

Technical Benefits

Scratch resistant – Resistant to fire – Stain resistant – Waterproof – Easy to clean – UV resistant – Non-porous – Hygienic surface – Colour stability
Resistant to chemical agents. The 6mm is ideal for both horizontal and vertical flat surfaces including facades for both indoor and outdoor and the 12mm ideal for bench tops, cladding and furniture.


A project completed by Summum studio, Casa MJM turns functional minimalism into a way of life. Chromatic consonance flowing between black, natural colours and crossed perspectives resulting from straight-line shapes. The OKEI Light Stone is used for cladding in both the interior and exterior which creates a flawless transition between the walls and floors. In order to not shatter this visual harmony, the kitchen counter is made also from OKEI Light Stone.

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