Luxury Desert Camp

Mysk Al Badayer Retreat” has won the 2020 and 2021 World Luxury Hotel Award for Luxury Desert Resort in the Middle East and North Africa. Located in the southern desert region of Sharjah along Dubai-Hatta Road, this project has been developed by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority – Shurooq, and is being operated by Sharjah Collection by Mysk. The Project was designed by Wael Al-Masri Planners and Architects – WMPA, a Jordanian based consultancy firm, with Wael Al-Masri as its Chief Architect. Design started in January 2012, and project opened to the public in March 2020.
Outdoor areas also include bus and shaded car parking areas. Plans are underway for additional 15 luxury tents at the outskirts of the retreat to satisfy increasing demands for stay in this retreat by both locals and tourists.
This Retreat highlights the identity of Al-Badayer area and encourages the enjoyment of its assets within a creative local contemporary narrative. It represents a new comprehensive approach in the development and implementation of urban, architectural, interior and landscape design.
The geometric grid contrasts with the fluid nature of the surrounding desert dunes. The use of this simple and practical structural order has helped achieve a great variety of volumetric and spatial solutions that have contributed to the overall diversity and vitality of this project, within a notable sense of unity perceived through scale, repetitions, materials, details and colours, both externally and internally.  
Local traditional architectural typologies are used in the design of buildings including courtyards, arcades, arches, mashrabiyas, decorative features. The colour of the building walls reflects the peach desert colour, while the high arcades and pergolas intensify the feel of shade and shadow. Such approach would hopefully raise awareness of sustainable local architecture, both culturally and environmentally, and the continued relevance of architectural heritage today, especially in this age of cultural alienation.
Landscape design reflects desert oasis themes with wadi and aflaj features, palm groves and the use of native plants.

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