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Mallorca in Spain is an island full of beautiful natural landscapes together with picturesque stone towns full of history and tradition. Casa Fly reflects the local spirit by using traditional techniques and materials as stones from a local quarry. The stone facade, which is based on a typical design that can be found all over the island as a fence or retaining walls that are constructed by using a traditional dry technique ‘Pedra en sec’. Besides the aesthetics, the massive facade helps to keep the house cool during the summer months and has a great potential for accumulating heat in winter.
Designed by Beef Architects, the house respects the local conditions, therefore it offers a number of natural shading or ventilating systems. All the windows are pushed inside of the structure in order to create shading out of the concrete slabs

Folding wooden shutters are another natural heat prevention, they reflect the facades of traditional houses on Mallorca. Narrow vertical lamellas create a tender shadowplay in the interior, which complements the local traditional atmosphere. Spaces in between the lamellas allow air circulation even while the shutters are closed. The design proposes natural ventilation, which can be used locally or in the whole house according to current needs. Various window openings on each story allow the fresh air to come in and flow through the house up to the skylights, which provides vertical and horizontal ventilation. The studio’s intention was to keep the background interior moderate, which allows the custom-made furnishing to stand out. Wood, local stone, and concrete are the dominantly used materials.

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