The Mint house

The mint house project is a renovation of a typical Iranian house without historical architectural value, for an average family in Kashan, with a very limited budget. The main client’s request for this renovation was moving the bathroom from the yard to the interior space, adding a bedroom if possible and complete removal of the elements of the old building, that had tired them over time.
During the demolition, White on White Studio came across wasted underground space that had been unused for years. But unfortunately, the client insisted on filling this space.
The design team hatched a barter deal to remove old upstairs elements as much as possible and get permission to keep the basement instead. In the reconstruction of the ground floor.
The limited project area made it difficult to add a third bedroom. The opportunity was the staircase that provided access to the roof through the building. The employer’s insistence on maintaining access to the roof from the interior sparked the idea of forming a third room through the staircase. By keeping the landings of the old staircase and demolishing the stairs, a bedroom was defined in 3 levels. Rest space, workspace, and sleep space. A room painted in mint green, with respect to the name of the project.
The overlooked basement was revived into a 40 sqm suite with public and private spaces that fit the contemporary lifestyle of a young adult son of the family. Finally, the projecting facade, which reflects the interior of the project was formed in two independent volumes covered with a cement cover with a simple texture.

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