Creating a village

Bat Shlomo farmhouse serves as a bridge between the past and present, honoring those who established the village in Bat Shlomo and their architecture and way of living in the land of Israel while celebrating the innovative approach that has come to represent by contemporary details and interior design. At The Farmhouse, Artstudio have created an intimate yet immersive experience which encapsulates this journey and the values it represents.
Bat Shlomo was born from the Baron’s Rothschild dedication to creating strong and resilient Jewish farmers, and a means to economic prosperity in the land of Israel. By building 13 homes made of stone and one synagogue. The Farmhouse, originally constructed in 1889, is one of these lasting treasures. Today, visitors to the original moshava can walk down the single road where the original homes still stand, a testament to an era of Israeli history that forever shaped the country’s identity.

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