Casa Houlpoch, once a Mexican ruin

Casa Houlpoch is an old Yucatecan house from the end of the last century that gets its name from a snake from the region in Merida, Mexico, that regularly “visited” the property’s ruins. The room, in pastel tones, has modern and casual furniture, integrating greenery and works of art, such as a playful Timoteo on the center table and a painting by Pedro Friedeberg on the sofa, crowning the space. The kitchen, with coatings in paste and quartz, has a reinterpretation of the old Yucatecan bells on the stove. The hanging lamps harmonise the space and are integrated into the wooden furniture such as the tzalam benches and the dining room, which was brought from Mozambique, a country where the Dutch owners lived before settling in the Yucatan peninsula.
The dining room is connected to the terrace through a window, generating a feeling of spaciousness and clarity where the visuals escape to the exterior.
Designed by Workshop, Diseño y Construcción, the central courtyard, a chukum pool surrounds the stone vestiges of an old colonial structure where a large poplar tree generates a spectacular play of light and shadow with its frond, creating the perfect atmosphere to host an outdoor kitchen.
With a simple design, the master bedroom on the first level features a headboard made of pasta tiles on which a Neon Caron painting rests. The visuals from the bed, escape to an interior garden, the pool and the tropical gardens. At Houlpoch House the architects seek to respect and rescue the historical values of Yucatecan colonial architecture, combining them with contemporary details and volumes; and with the comforts of today’s life, in a re-interpretative, pure, and sober way, creating different atmospheres to relax, to live together and to enjoy the outdoors in the warm peninsular climate.

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