1960’s Cove House house Sydney

The Cove House house Sydney is an original 1960’s house that has been respectfully reimagined by renowned studio, Brendan Wong Design in the spirit of the original 1960’s architecture. New organic inspired interior elements introduce contemporary comfort and project the home forward for decades of future enjoyment. Decorated with rich textural layers the interior is a dynamic aesthetic journey of brave yet authentic materials and extends innovation to the finest interior details.
The grand living room volume with soaring cedar ceilings is now articulated with furnishings carefully curated for relevance and authenticity. In collaboration with the foundation of Le Corbusier (for whom the original architect once worked) a Le Corbusier tapestry was acquired for this space.

All other areas were replanned and refitted to create generously proportioned spaces that didn’t previously exist, whilst also improving outlook and amenity. The sensuous curvilinear roofline inspired the interior solutions and a layered material strategy; foundry cast metals shine against organically textured silk, polished stone is contrasted against rough sawn. Lighting throughout creates subtle shadows emphasising curvilinear wall and ceiling surfaces.
The new open plan master suite features nonorthogonal forms in the shower, bath, furniture and rugs. A rich mix of natural materials including walnut, travertine, onyx, brass, leather and shagreen creates a sophisticated private oasis.

The kitchen and casual living space, previously suffocated from earlier interventions, was reimagined with bold new joinery, amethyst splashbacks and a vintage chandelier to accentuate vertical volume. These luxurious inclusions were weighed thoughtfully for authentic relevance.
Collaborations with workshops and finishing artisans resolved challenges of this unique home, as did engineering, excavation/architectural detailing and landscaping.
The overarching response was for the passionate pursuit of authenticity to the original home with a deliberate aesthetic ambiguity between old and new.
The true success of the project was the client relationship : passionate about cars, watches and design in general, this was an opportunity for them to explore their design literacy across interiors. As custodians for this important architectural home, their dedication and collaboration with the design team.

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