Southern Italian holiday villa

Trullo GT is a holiday home derived from the renovation and expansion of a traditional stone Trulli structure in the Itria Valley, Apulia, southern Italy. The spaces are designed to relax immersed in the nature of the rural environment of Apulia in a typical local architecture, away from the stress of the city. The structure is located in a terraced land with an olive grove and a view of the surrounding valley, the original part is a composition of typical stone structures: a “torretta ostunese” with two rooms, a “trullo” and a detached “lamia”, the extension is composed by a new trullo and a new lamia with tuff vaults in line with the traditional constructions of the region.
Designed by REISARCHITETTURA, the project has paid particular attention to the use of materials and construction techniques typical of the region. Following these traditional building principles, which provide indoor comfort and a good temperature even in the hot Apulian summer. The layout includes the main residence with entrance, independent kitchen, living room, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a guest house in the independent lamia with living room, bedroom, and bathroom.
The outdoor spaces have been designed with particular attention, integrating them into the terraced land supported by the typical walls made of dry stone. The swimming pool and the paving in sand-coloured bare concrete are inserted into the terrace in front of the Trullo overlooking the surrounding landscape, on the back a gazebo integrated into the rocks is designed for outdoor dining. Inside, natural stone is combined with typical lime plaster and bare concrete floor. The painted wood doors and windows, the decor, and the furnishings reflect the vernacular style of the local agricultural craftsmanship. ?

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