Poke restaurant re-imagined

When the opportunity was presented to design a Poke restaurant, VAUST Studio decided to free the concept from what is already known. This project is about re-evaluating the ideas of how hospitality is organised in times of a pandemic. The design team strongly reduced the number of possible guests taking a seat at the same time and increased the distances of people sitting across from each other. The majority of the seats are fixed to have a clear management structure within the restaurant.
The diners place their orders at a free-standing desk, which transfers the task to an isolated preparation lab where the bowls are processed. The process avoids unnecessary crowds and waiting moments.
A photograph of a Hawaiian fisherman from the year 1907 functions as a role model and gave inspiration for the concept. A man sitting on a rock preparing his gear to go out and hunt. The studio appreciate the intimacy, balance, and honesty of this situation. 
Two curvy concrete tables that complement each other capture the room’s center. Inspired by the fisherman, cut-off granite stones from Norway and wooden stumps present the possibility to take a seat. The table has a rough yet pleasant surface and gives the idea of a terrazzo structure. Boulders of different colourways add a natural and warm colour palette to the interior.
The floor and wall plastering pick up the warm tones and give a natural and earthy atmosphere. Linen curtains with a bespoke hanging system, made of aluminium, complete the seating situation gently. 

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