Urals mountain villas

On the eastern side of the Urals mountain ranges in Russia, nature makes herself felt, seen and heard at all times of the year. Amid the towering pines and birches of a secluded golf course sits the YEK Villas. The two geometrically sharp villas create the impression that they are levitating above ground. Designed by Open AD, the buildings’ presence is felt, but subtle. Since the villas sit within the grounds of a golf course, people pass by freely. Not only do the façade features perform well visually, but also give privacy to residents, so that they can see the landscape, but passers-by can’t see inside. The overhangs and screens also protect from the glare of the sun.
An enclosed courtyard at the heart of the house gives residents their very own, private outdoor area, as well as floods the home in natural light. A gallery encircles the courtyard whist living quarters are spaced around it. The lines between the home’s interior and external landscape are constantly connected and the landscape becomes a decorative feature. Tucked below ground are a private spa, garage and technical rooms.

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