An immersive hotel experience

Four cabins are nestled into the forested foothills of Tangshan, China designed to blend into the natural landscape offering guests an immersive experience suffused with nature’s primal beauty and meditative sensibility.
Tangshan is famous for its hot springs which have been attracting visitors since antiquity as numerous 6th century poems attest. Combined with the scenic landscape, historical sites and proximity to a major city like Nanjing, the area has become of late a major tourism destination featuring numerous spa resorts and other leisure facilities. Contrary to the glitzy opulence and large scale of most tourist developments however, MONOARCHI’s four cabins are compact in size and understated in elegance, allowing the surrounding nature to take centre stage.
The architects MONOARCHI drew inspiration from natural elements to design the cabins and the winding path that connects them. While the two smaller cabins are shaped like vine leaves, the footprint of the two larger ones resembles tree branches, with the path echoing the veins of a leaf as it makes its way around trees and boulders up and down the hilly terrain.
Located deep in the woods, the cabins are clad externally in charred wood, their dark exterior making them disappear amid the densely wooded spots that they occupy. On the contrary, the other two cabins have been built on rocky clearings and are clad in cedar shingles, the natural wood texture complementing their prominent positions.

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