The Desert Paradero Hotel

When approaching the Paradero Hotel in Mexico, the architectural team POLEN Arquitectura de Paisaje + Yashar Yektajo + Rubén Valdez aimed to emphasise the natural motion of the desert by exploring and highlighting the topography.
Inspired by desert winds and its natural form of creating paths and spaces that appear and disappear as in a landscape of surprises. The desert is a land of constant change, winds and seasons shape and reshape it, transforming its undulations, its reliefs, its fissures, its entire appearance with a single sweep of the wind.
The guests of the hotel can experience the desert in its most real form when walking through the hotel. To achieve the connection and still maintain the comfort not always granted by a desert, the hotelier planted endemic species in a greenhouse for over a year and planted young plants next to established ones that were naturally propagated.
The most important part of the process of creating the Paradero project came from the inspiration that grew within within the design team from their many trips to the Baja California desert. By walking the ancient paths, feeling its textures and savouring its magic.

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