A home designed for vacations

Developing a project for a house uniquely for vacations challenged Estúdio AMATAM to create a concept that responded to the qualities of a vacation home and the characteristics that seemed essential to the studio. An inner spatial organisation allowed a strong coexistence among its users, a very close relation between the social area and its exterior and an atmosphere that revived the morphology of traditional Portuguese houses in the countryside. The concept resulted in an unusual dialogue between modern and traditional.
The exterior conveys a contemporary language, with pure and simple forms. These modern volumes conceal an interior that exploits a spatiality that takes advantage of the two-story roofs. Despite its modern language, the architects have provided the exterior with materials that also explore the more artisan side of the country houses, through the use of wood in the doorways and, white ceramic brick. The house brings together two distinct languages, one inside (more traditional) and one outside (more modern), with the best qualities of both. Consequently, it becomes a space that is a discovery. Who passes by cannot idealise the spatial richness of the interior, nor do those inside understand how the exterior presents such an elegant and minimalist language. This is a modern house for a country experience.

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