Mimicking nature

Located in Medallin, Colombia, the main objective for ALH Taller de Arquitectura for this home for its 4 family members was to find the continuous relationship of the spaces with the exterior, making the forest surrounding the project the main player and attraction. With this in mind there are overtures in the volumes accompanied by floor-to-ceiling stained-glass windows, allowing the connection and house to mimic nature. The materials like twice burnt craft brick, splint concrete, raw steel, and wood were selected to work in harmony with the environment, maintaining its natural characteristics as they patina and age over time. The materials are not only part of the exterior but be rather immersive on the inside. 
This parameter is made clear on the ceiling of the shared area, where the craft brick transforms from a façade material turning into Catalan vaults that cover the space, making its connection to the exterior clearer, creating a warm and cozy space.
The spaces are ruled by exterior visuals, connecting the shared area with the living space and the rooms through garden interrupted corridors, that are part of the interior. Natural and artificial lighting are key players together, ensuring the natural light entering during the day in all areas and an emphasised materiality of the project precisely at night.

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