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Tom Ford, be inspired by this well told documentary

I LOVED this documentary on the inspirational and sometimes eccentric Tom Ford I think many designers across all disciplines can relate to his story. I suggest unless you have a spare 45 minutes at work it might be well worth viewing at home or have lunch with Tom. Enjoy!

John Pawson the minimalist

One of the UK's most celebrated architects John Pawson is often described as a 'minimalist'  known for his designs which present simplicity, grace and visual clarity. Designing residential, churches and even yacht's John Pawson work quietly speaks for it's self. [caption id="attachment_1564" align="aligncenter" width="502" caption="Cathedral by John Pawson"]Cathedral by John Pawson[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1565"...

Loopy lounges and robots ?

This chaise lounge, created by young Dutch designer Sophie De Vocht, is hot! Born from her interest in technique of “tufting”, characterized by a high number of tufts of yarn inserted through needles on to a fabric base. It's metal structure acts as a support and allows the user to relax upon the chaise lounge, cradled by its softness and by the contact with the...

American designer Kelly Wearstler

American designer Kelly Wearstler is not a minimalist, not by a long shot her projects evoke luxury with a play on layers, patterns, textures with finishes in matt and gloss.Her colour pallet can be bright and in some cases quite monotone but the end result is her ability to transport you to a place less boring than the life we know.Kelly crosses over many fields...

Fran Silvestren Architects Spanish minimalism at it’s best

Fran Silvestren Architects create breathtaking minimalist homes in Spain that sit proud with no tricks or embellishments allowing the building and its surrounds to be the hero. Below are a few images from a cross section of projects designed by Fran Silvestren Architects . [caption id="attachment_1494" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Project by Fran Silvestren Architects"]Project by Fran... 							
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Ryan Russell finds the hidden personality of the stores he designs

Ryan Russell is a design practice that approach design by combining the many different fields of design creating a dialogue between people and the stores they create not following trends they explore the client to reveal its' hidden personalities which is injected into the design. This multi award winning design studio is fast gaining recognition for their creative, sophisticated and inspiring retail spaces. [caption id="attachment_1428" align="aligncenter" width="500"...

Word Of Mouth

Word of Mouth design studio founded by Valentina Audrito and Abhishake Kumbhat works across many design fields architecture, interiors , furniture, lighting design, fashion and accessories. Operating out of Bali this design duo are at the reigns of a successful design studio retail outlet/ showroom and a cafe. Below is a snapshot of their work. [caption id="attachment_1435" align="aligncenter" width="501" caption="Project by Word of Mouth Design"]

Patricia Piccinini compelling stories through sculpture.

When I first saw Patricia Piccinini's work a few years ago, I was instantly drawn in to the compelling stories she tells through sculpture. Her work can be somewhat confronting yet beautiful at the same time. Here are a few installations that I love.   [caption id="attachment_1455" align="aligncenter" width="501" caption="Polished silicone bronze by Patricia Piccinini"]

Get soaked in total luxury

Dornbracht, the fittings manufacturer, has celebrated it's 60th anniversary. This forward thinking company continually pushes conventional thinking in the way we approach wet areas. The invention of Dornbracht's extensible spout in 1950 laid the foundations for the company's success and have since had a firm hold on the luxury international market. [caption id="attachment_1337" align="aligncenter" width="501" caption="PERFORMING WATER range by Dornbracht"] No Comments Read more