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Giant Bronze Babies, women of steel and social climbing brown nosing

David Cerný is a Jewish - Czech sculptor whose works can be seen in many locations in Prague. His works tend to be controversial always pushing the way we think some of his work is quite humorous and beautiful although some have called him a hooligan. I personally would love to see some of his work injected into our cityscape or office foyers. [caption id="attachment_1719" align="aligncenter"...

Patricia Piccinini compelling stories through sculpture.

When I first saw Patricia Piccinini's work a few years ago, I was instantly drawn in to the compelling stories she tells through sculpture. Her work can be somewhat confronting yet beautiful at the same time. Here are a few installations that I love.   [caption id="attachment_1455" align="aligncenter" width="501" caption="Polished silicone bronze by Patricia Piccinini"]

Belgium turns it ON a LIGHT show like NO other

The second edition of the Festival of Lights has just taken place in the town centre of Ghent a Flemish region of Belgium which commenced on 26 January and concluded on 29th . The event drew an estimated 200,000 visitors, both from Belgium and abroad. This 4 day event stretches across a long 5 kilometer walking route that is truly breathtaking. I had a difficult task...

Bold textures and innovative thinking takes knitting to another level.

Claire-Anne O'Brien is a textile designer specialising in you guessed it ......  knitting. Her work plays with technique and scale creating playful and tactile fabrics for interiors. This sculptural approach to textiles brings fabrics to life in three dimensions through form exploration and furniture. What I am most attracted to is her exaggerated scale combined with bold colour and texture, although her work has a playful...

Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!

Happy New Year and welcome 2012 I hope you had a wonderful break, last week I stumbled across this inspiring and fun clip filmed at the Burning Man I feel is a perfect story to start the year off please ENJOY. Regards Richard.


OSBORNE & LITTLE from the swinging 60's and the holographic 80's Osborne & Little are still pushing the envelope bringing together good design with a fun sensibility.This selection transitions across domestic, retail and hospitality with designs from Nina Campbell and Lorca Paris. [caption id="attachment_1076" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Osborne and Little"]Osborne and Little sardines

Sixhands . Wallpaper . Life size Peacocks. inky Colours. folkloric forests.Watercolour paintings

Sixhands is a 100 percent Australian owned-and-operated textile design business based in inner city Sydney, the company specialises in the design of prints and textiles across the fashion, interiors and soft furnishings spectrum and I'm a personal fan of their sunning wallpapers bringing sunshine into any environment all year round. Sixhands interior textile and wallpaper service also offers custom design for interior designers, decorators and architects...