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Introducing the Soufflé

We are so excited to introduce, “the Soufflé”, Foolscap Studio’s first foray into soft furniture design and manufacturing. Dynamic, fluid, and capable of endless configurations, the Soufflé, is a modular interior landscape.
In a rapidly changing world where workplace and home environments collide, the Soufflé challenges perceptions, expectations and experiences by blending work, life and leisure modes into a singular, highly-customisable lounge system.
Its high...

Chandon Yarra Valley

Inspired by the transformation of grapes into sparkling wine, Foolscap Studio have chosen an eclectic palette of natural materials such as metal, marble, leather and wood, which they have subjected to various treatments that reflect the passage of time and the exertion of fine craftsmanship for Australia’s , Domaine Chandon , established by eminent champagne house Moët & Chandon, in Australia’s Yarra Valley. Working...