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Surfers’ haven – Bondi

A “Bombora” is an indigenous Australian term, possibly with its origin in the ‘Dharuk’ language spoken in the Sydney region, to describe a wave breaking over a shallow reef or sandbank that has been adopted into Australian surf culture. This house, built in a mixed and densely packed street located just a stone’s throw from the Bondi Beach is an homage to that surfers’ haven;...

Under the Peppertree – Sydney

At the summit of Bellevue Hill, Sydney a centennial Peppertree rises over the skyline; two homes lie beneath its vast canopy. To one side of the fence, The Oculus House and to the other, Peppertree Villa, a skilfully designed late 1920s home. One day the owners of the two homes met under this tree; they discussed botany and architecture. This was how

Sydney pool house

The wraparound swimming pool plays the starring role in these alterations and additions and becomes the architectural pivot that binds one hundred years of history.The organic two-storey addition at the back of a single storey 1910 cottage located in Randwick NSW, is surrounded by a swimming pool and the water is the focus that holds the two distinct sections of the house together. Designed by