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Sabat house – Iran

Sabat House is a reconstruction renovation of a villa built in 1975 located in Niavaran, Iran. With unique project features, the project adheres to three principles of privacy, hierarchy, and centrality. In this project, architectural practice Team Group tried to strengthen these three issues. Privacy: In the plan due to private and semi-private circulation Axis: Inspired by...

Textures House

Located in San Francisco, Argentina is the aptly named Textures House. Designed by Roberto Benito architects, the studio pursues to achieve textural architecture which is reflected throughout this house. The significance given to materiality, represented by the nakedness and honesty of some natural finishes, makes it acquire a great relevance in expressiveness. Volumetrically, it is made up...

Boomerang house Austin

The High House located in Austin , United States, is configured as a boomerang to accentuate the natural curvature of the land. It perches at the brow of the hill in order to maximise the site’s 180 degree view. The street side of the home includes high walls to provide privacy while allowing plenty of light.
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Staying PURE

The rapidly erected country house located in Moscow, Oblast, Russia employed industrial methods of designing and building resulting in the build taking less than 4 months to complete. Made up of multiple glued panels the house of timber and glass is effortlessly chic and utilitarian. Inspired stylistically by the birth of modernist architecture ARCH.625 set out to create a home for an author that...